Minneapolis Air Conditioner MaintenanceIt is almost summer in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis is in full bloom. Time for a great frequently asked question.

Q. What maintenance can a homeowner do on their own to help keep their air conditioner running well through the summer months?

A. Homeowners can do several things to keep their air conditioner running smoothly through the summer months and everyone inside the home cool and comfortable.

-First, before running the unit, clean off your air conditioner so that there is no debris, leaves, covers, lawn care products etc. on or around it. This will make sure that it can get enough air to run through the unit and cool the home. This is important because many people think that in the winter they need to put a cover over the unit or otherwise try to protect it from the elements. Generally this is not the case as the unit is designed to be outdoors in the elements. SO, make sure that the air conditioner is clear of debris and that is the first step.
-Second, run the unit for a little while at the beginning of the season. This lets you know that it is working and you won’t find your self waiting in line on a hot day for the HVAC company to come and repair or replace your unit. A little prevention goes a long way.
-Third, Change the filters regularly. This makes sure that your filters are not restricting air flow and in the worst case scenario could cause your evaporator to freeze up. Replacing the disposable filters and cleaning the electrostatic style will go a long way to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

By taking these three steps you go a long way to keeping your air conditioning unit running well so that it keep you and your family comfortable in the hot Minneapolis summer months. One additional thing that can and should be done is to have a qualified minneapolis heating and air conditioning contractor come out and check your unit and do routine maintenance this time of the year. While it will not guarantee that your unit will work properly all year long, most small problems can be caught before they grow into large and expensive ones.

Check back often as more and more Minneapolis Heating and Air Conditioning questions will be answered here.

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Minneapolis heating and air conditioning contractors have found this year to be very different from any in recent years. The extreme heat usually seen by Minnesotans in the early mid and late summer has made emergency calls for Minneapolis heating and air conditioning contractors drop considerably. It is usually during these times that they are able to remind people of the importance of proper maintenance and care of their heating or air conditioning units. Because the weather has been more mild this year, many people do not pay much attention to their a/c units productivity and might not even notice that it is running less efficiently now because it is keeping up with the weather.

That doesn’t mean we can neglect them now!! Make sure that you are taking care of your units, even during this mild summer, with proper maintenance and tune ups.

Call a Minneapolis HVAC contractor today and make sure that you have them do a tune up and your unit will last longer and cost you less by running more efficiently than before.

Enjoy the unseasonably cool weather.


Minneapolis air conditioners really go through quite a transition come spring time in Minnesota. They go from inactivity in the cold snowy months of winter to going strong every day. This year has been different though. The weather has been bearable rather than HOT.

Let’s not let the fact that it has been such a mild summer cloud the fact that simple maintenance on your air conditioner can save you a ton of money down the line.
Most Minneapolis heating and air conditioning companies offer a spring or fall tune up that can catch problems before they grow into expensive problems that require a new air conditioner or furnace.

One of the main problems that a spring tune up can catch before it becomes a very expensive proposition is that of low Freon. Freon levels should remain the same throughout the life of the air conditioner. If they are low, it indicates a leak and you should have the leak repaired prior to refilling the Freon.

The reason for this is that low Freon levels can cause icing of the evaporator core, and causes the compressor to have to work harder. This extra work leads to a shorter life span of your compressor and can ultimately lead to having to replace the compressor.

Replacing the compressor is costly and may be something that you are able to avoid with proper maintenance. Spending around a hundred dollars early on could lead to thousands in savings if you are able to catch some of these problems before they turn into serious issues with your heating or air conditioning system.

Again, Minneapolis heating and air conditioning systems deal with extremes of weather. They have to not only fight the extreme temperature difference between the interior air and exterior air, but Minneapolis air conditioning units are outside and also have to withstand the exterior temperatures from a hardware perspective.

Do the maintenance early and often and you will most likely save yourself time and money in the future.

Minneapolis heating and air conditioning- How To Choose a Contractor.

The last thing most of us want to be doing when the weather changes is dealing with a new furnace or new air conditioner.

If you find yourself in that position here are some tips to help you make it as painless as possible.

How do you find a reputable HVAC contractor to work with?

Ask your friends and associates or coworkers for recommendations, word-of-mouth is often the best and most important form of advertising for small businesses and usually gives you the most accurate information unless the contractor is a family member.   Contractors are likely to work harder knowing of the connection to one of their previous clients.

Longetivity is important.  Find out how long they’ve been in business.  Longitivity  is a good indicator of how good their craftsmanship is.  Contractors who provide shoddy or poor work tend not to be in business long. If the contractor has been in business for more than a few years you can pretty much bet that they provide quality work, but,  like the old saying goes trust but verify.  To follow up on the contractor who has been in business for a number of years the next step is to go through some of their references.

Most contractors should have no problem providing you with a number of references, make sure to check with them.

When you do contact the references here are a few questions that could be useful.  Make sure to ask: 

1.       Can they confirm that they worked with the contractor in question?

2.       Did the contractor perform the work on time and to the customer satisfaction?

3.       Did the contractor come in on budget?

Another good idea is to contact your local Better Business Bureau ask them if anyone has filed a complaint about this contractor and what was done about it.

On to the technical stuff, ask your contractor how they’re going to determine the size of the new furnace. The contractor should provide a load calculation which takes into account all the factors that affect how much heat your home needs. They will need to visit your home to collect the data be wary of any contractor who tells you over the phone without having visited your property or who just goes off of the old unit.

Another thing to keep in mind when hiring HVAC contractor is does the contractor have the proper licenses.  Generally this is regulated by the state.  The important thing is to find the department responsible for licensing and make sure that their contractor’s license is current.

In addition to having a current license you should also be sure they carry the proper level of insurance.

A quality contractor will also acquire a permit from the city or town that you live in to complete the work.


Minneapolis Heating and Air Conditioning tips, and reviews. 

With the winter heating season coming to a close and the summer air conditioning season upon us, many of us will switch from the furnace to the air conditioner.  Unfortunately, this is often the first tim that we realize we need the services of a heating and air conditioning company. 

Being in the minneapolis area we have access to some of the best HVAC companies around because they are accustomed to doing work in the harshest conditions all year long.  I will be including more posts in the future with tips, facts, and reviews of the best heating and air conditioning repair and service companies in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metropolitan area.